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The story revolves around Georgia, a patis (fish sauce) manufacturer and a mother who is finally reunited with her long-lost daughter after 20 years of separation.

Christine can think of 101 reasons why her dad must not marry her mom. The number one reason is that Georgia, her mother, disappeared from her life twenty years ago and never came back.

Now Christine is confused: Why does her father want to marry her mom, who had caused them so much heartache?

When Christine goes to her mother’s town in Malabon, what starts out as an investigation turns out to be a hilarious yet touching journey for both mother and daughter. Christine’s outrageous attempts to expose her mother’s flaws are all foiled, as Georgia also comes up with hysterical schemes to win her daughter’s love. Meanwhile, things get more riotous when Nanny Ninonu’s blind heart falls for Junjun, who is obviously gay and definitely shows no interest liking her back.

Again and again, Christine is frustrated as no matter how she tries to harden her own heart, she cannot help but fall in love with her mother’s town and its people, especially Val, Georgia’s adopted son. Through Val’s eyes, she reluctantly begins to see what it means to have a real mother.

Despite his discovers Christine’s feelings of attraction towards Val, however, Val is suspicious of Christine’s intentions. What happens if here plot to discredit Georgia? Will Georgia have a place in Christine’s life? Can Christine learn to accept Georgia as her mother, even if she discovers a dark secret in her mother’s past?


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