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Star Cinema made the movie version twice, One in 1993, One in 1997. The first movie actually revealed that Kevin Cosme once worked as a chef for a five-star hotel and was given an award for his exemplary performance. However, he was booted out from the job after the kitchen’s LPG exploded when he left to receive the award.

The ending of the first movie was the train is passing by the their house looks falling apart after the train is passing, kevin told baldo to pull-off the slanting plank on their ceiling after he pulled it, and then their house was falling apart and the picture of kevin’s father who resembles Kevin Himself (probably portrayed by Dolphy Himself)was shocked

the ending of the second movie was they was banned to their new home and then they get back to their old house along the railway, the neibhorhood welcomes kevin and his family, after a few seconds their house was hit,crashed by a train inside the compound

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