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The story revolves around Maxi dela Cerna, a young, aspiring New York-based fashion designer who returns to the Philippines shortly after her mother’s death to find her father. She had been swindled by her ex-boyfriend and hopes to pay off her debts by selling the piece of provincial land that her parents co-owned. But this means spending time with her father whom she hates for walking out on her and her mother 15 years ago. As the uptight and guarded Maxi struggles to immerse herself in farm life and deal with a father she despises, she crosses paths again with Tommy, her childhood friend, now an architect who is trying to heal from his own mistakes in the past with his 7-year-old son.

Will a daughter full of pain and anger be able to forgive her father? Will a father be able to heal the deep wounds in the heart of his daughter? And how will a woman who had very painful experiences with men she had loved be able to open her heart to loving again?

Cast and characters

* Gabby Concepcion as Poch dela Cena
* KC Concepcion as Maxi/Mina dela Cena
* Jericho Rosales as Tommy Santibanez
* Gee-Ann Abrahan as Sheila
* Luz Valdez
* Mickey Ferriols
* Cacai Bautista
* Ikey Canoy
* Celia Rodriguez
* Bugoy Cariño

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