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Pastry chef Macky (Sam Milby) has struggled with his weight for most of his life. It’s not easy being fat, especially when you’re in love with a young socialite columnist named Niña (Kristine Hermosa). He has been her constant secret admirer, surprising Niña every time with cakes and flowers. Everything is going well until Niña meets Macky, who gets the shock of her life when she sees Macky in his 300-pound glory.

Then comes Aira (Toni Gonzaga), the ever-vibrant fitness instructor who knows how to motivate her clients well. Being the breadwinner of the family, she has to double her effort to meet their daily needs. After a number of failed attempts, Macky finally agrees to be her client. In the process of losing weight, the two gained love and affection for each other.

Aira then agrees to accept an offer to work abroad, separating the two. Two years pass and the Macky who was once laughed at is now one of the most sought-after bachelors in town. Unfortunately, his heart is now owned by her ultimate fantasy – Niña. But an untimely encounter with Aira reminds Macky of his happy old days. Macky now has to choose who really is his big love – is it the woman he dreamt of all his life or is it the woman who loved him unconditionally?[2]

Cast and characters

Main cast

[edit] Supporting cast

  • Ricardo Cepeda as Bert
  • Sandy Andolong as Mama Bing
  • Dick Israel as Chef Sen
  • Lito Pimentel as Oca
  • Malou de Guzman as Zeny
  • Janus del Prado as Lito
  • Marissa Sanchez as Honeylet

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