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Once Upon a Time in Manila is a 1994 Filipino film.

Vic Sotto plays a barangay tanod who always seems to have a knack for saving the local folks from dangerous situations, just in the nick of time. Cynthia Luster is Lt. Cynthia Wang, is a Royal Hong Kong Police on the look-out for Nikita, the infamous gang leader. Amparo Lagman (played by Ms. Gloria Sevilla), working as a domestic helper, becomes the unwitting target of the Nikita’s gang when she comes into possession of some important documents and papers. Nikita follows her to the Philippines, along with Lt. Cynthia Wang who is in pursuit of Nikita.

A game of cat-and-mouse ensues as everyone gets swept up in a tale of international espionage with a dash of love and romance thrown into the crazy mix.

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