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It’s the heart that remembers what the mind forgets…. Finally after 3 years of courtship, Migs (Miguel) a medical intern marries Joy, a nurse in the hospital of his residency. Days before the wedding, his first love and childhood best friend Bella comes back, still single and still in love with Migs. Migs introduces Joy to her.

Their meeting provides some ill-feelings of jealousy and envy, both uncomfortable. On their honeymoon, Migs gets up early to buy flowers for Joy – such a sweet and loving gesture to surprise her. But on his way back to the resort with the bunch of flowers, he gets into an accident.

His head hits a solid rock and damages his frontal lobe, resulting to lacunar amnesia – a type of amnesia that blocks off time periods from one’s memory. In Mig’s case, it blocks off 3 years he was in love with Joy, now he is stuck with the memories of Bella, 3 years before he met Joy. So where is Joy now…

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