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RPG took 4 years to make. Thaumatrope Animation began work in 2007. In 2008, a teaser trailer for the movie (then titled “theRPGmovie”) was shown at Level Up’s Ragnarok Online event at the World Trade Center. In August 2009, Ambientmedia officially partnered with ABS-CBN. In June 2010, it was announced to be an official entry for the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival. In August 2010, RPG: Metanoia’s official website was launched. The Cinema Evaluation Board gave the movie a Grade A.

* Zaijan Jaranilla[1] as Nico/Zero
* Aga Muhlach[1] as Daddy
* Eugene Domingo[1] as Mommy
* Vhong Navarro[1] as Cel/Sargo
* Mika Dela Cruz[1] as May/Cassandra
* Jairus Aquino[1] as Bryan/Mang Ernie
* Aaron Junatas[1] as Bobby/Sumpak
* Basty Alcances[1] as Mark/Ahdonis

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