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Benedicto “Ben” Caballero is an environmentalist who disapproves of deforestation for villages in mountainous regions in the country.He is more concerned of the environment than that of getting along with his siblings.It is revealed that he was a former lawyer and that he quit because of a matter between right or wrong,and not about winning or losing.He focuses on nature-for him,it’s all about saving the planet.
He visits Boracay and meets a Michelle “Mitch” Valmonte after an accident.Mitch is a carefree party girl who works for her father’s company.She and Ben get to know each other and develop special interests for each other.
But making a relationship without any commitment is one problem they both have to deal with.It goes well at first,but the relationship ends because of its impossibilities.
Ben then discovers that Mitch’s father owns the company that ordered the deforestation and construction of a new village in which he is against.This leads them separate ways and try to forget about their so called relationship.
But is this the end? Will Mitch and Ben face the trials of a relationship that will never happen?

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  • jhedtrox 3 years ago

    thanks so much ..

    gud day!

  • Jovs Bonita 3 years ago

    It took for me so long in finding this movie. and it’s good to see it earlier. and i am done watching. have a good one! thanks to the one who upload this. very nice!

  • i think dis is the best movie of anne curtis . . .she’s really very pretty and classy . . i hope there will be a second team up of anne and aga . . .you will not notice the age difference . . .bagay sila . . . a movie of anne and jericho also bagay din sila

  • junda-ceylon 3 years ago

    very nice movie.

  • nice movie

  • i want to see this movie love story between anne and aga

  • Anne Torres 2 years ago

    How do you full size the movie?