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It has been six months since Laida Magtalas won the heart of her prince charming Miggy Montenegro and it has been nothing but good. Laida got promoted from executive assistant to account executive, while Miggy has been doing well as he is being mentored by his older brother Art Montenegro. Laida had gotten an offer from her aunt in Canada where she is being given a good recommendation in order for her to work there.

Miggy’s father vouched for his promotion as general manager of the family’s industrial laundry business in Laguna but this also prompted a few hesitations from Art. The promotion proved difficult for the couple’s relationship as time was very constraint and the relationship suffers from the pressures of being apart. This is only aggravated by Macoy, who Miggy is jealous of, as they become close once again. Macoy is Laida’s long time friend who she had a fall-out with when Macoy did not keep his promise to her by going to the same college.Things went further haywire when Miggy had to fix a few issues in the plant when he accepted orders from his brother Art’s ex-girlfriend, Christina. Her company’s demand volume was too much for their man-power thus making some workers unhappy which lead to a labour strike. His father stepped in and help resolve the issue but Miggy had to set expectations to the clients affected by the strike. Those business meetings that preceded prompted Miggy to almost miss a wedding that Laida and him would go to. He got there late and saw Laida crying with Macoy beside her, emotions clashed between the two and they decided to cool-off for the time being.

The industrial laundry business soon was working in optimum efficiency which made his brother trust him more, to the point of having him take over the family telecom stake in China. In the Montenegro group of companies annual general meeting, Laida saw Miggy for the first time after the argument, laida simply said “Good Morning Sir”, then left the venue right away. At the actual meeting, Miggy was announced as the officer in charge of the telecoms business.

Macoy talked sense to Laida to go back and pursue Miggy. She met Miggy in the garden where she said she still loved him, Miggy suggested that it will be a more challenging time for them, but he also said he loved her. The two share a ten-second kiss which Laida actually times.


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  • Mariko Yushabel Mikawa 4 years ago

    g0sh!!..ch0x lng.:)
    adik na yata akq sa knilang luvteam!.. ^o^
    nagiging happi akq pag nakikita q c Sarah at John Lyod. :) :) :) .
    gus2 ko pa ng maraming m0vie. nila.!! ^o^
    I like der chemistry very much!! ^_^
    sana mag gawa pa cLa ulit ng m0vie..i really2 luv i…t!! ^_^ <3

  • hi grabe..kinikilig ako.sana mangyari rin sa kin ung ganun….super.di ako makaget over eh…guapo pa ni jhonloyd…sana meron ganun lalaki..hehehe..srah ur the best….i like ur chem…

  • hi grabe..kinikilig ako.sana mangyari rin sa kin ung ganun….super.di ako makaget over eh…guapo pa ni jhonloyd…sana meron ganun lalaki..hehehe..srah ur the best….i like ur chem…

  • lianne 3 years ago

    sana mgkaroon pa ulit sila ng new movie together… grbe sobra kilig ko tlga sa knila…

  • lance azurac 3 years ago

    it will never happen to you lorraine… you know why? bcz ur ugly.:(

  • lance azurac 3 years ago


  • edieson caringal 2 years ago

    ilove to be inlove…..

  • arminda mesina 1 year ago

    Saraana mabigyan m ako ng cd ninyo ni anjlod movei buhat ng manalo k kay regin pan m na ako