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D’Lucky Ones

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Tina (Eugene Domingo) and Lea (Pokwang) are bestfriends who are also avid fans of Vilma Santos. They were inseparable until Lea decides to leave the country and go to Korea. They promised that someday they will re...

Shake Rattle & Roll 9

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1. Christmas Tree – A family who was forced to face a blood hungry Christmas tree during their holiday reunion. Starring: John Pratts, Lovi Poe, Nash Aguas, Gina Alajar, Boots Anson Roa, Tonton Gutierrez, John Lapuz a...

‘Sana Dati’ to open in theaters Sept 25 (VIDEO)

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Sana Dati, will have its commercial run beginning September 25, released by GMA Films in cinemas nationwide. Starring Lovi Poe, TJ Trinidad, Benjamin Alves, Ria Garcia and Paulo Avelino, the indie film is the most ...

My Darling DOMESTIC (1989) Comedy King Dolphy

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TAGALOG COMEDY, ACTiON MOViE… ( For General Patronage ).. Starring Dolphy, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Babalu, Panchito, Eric Quizon, Olivia Ortiz, Bomber Moran, Luz Valdez, Protacio Dee, Teroy De Guzman, Conde Ubaldo, Telly Bab...

Ang Syota Kong Balikbayan

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There is a budding romance between a jeepney driver played by the action king Fernando Poe Jr., and a beauty queen Anjanette Abayari, who has just returned home after living for years in the United States, much to the...

D’ Anothers

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The Resurreccion’s ancestral mansion is believed to have a portal to the other world. And every quarter of a century, it must be “opened” by a chosen member of a clan (“The One”) to enable “stranded” ghosts to cross ...


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Helen and Dave are a happy couple, but their relationship is tested when Helens younger sister comes into the picture. Helens family is under threat from being torn apart as the two sisters fight for the affections of...

Once In A Blue Moon

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Can a love that bloomed under a Blue Moon truly last forever? At a quiet home in Boston, Massachusetts, an elderly Filipina named Corazon (Boots Anson-Roa) is writing a love letter. Knowing she doesnt have much tim...

Hide and Seek

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The more you hide the more they’ll seek you…. Eric Quizon plays Oliver Alicanio, a university professor who is tried and then acquitted in a high profile crime. He and wife Leah (Jean Garcia) go to the province to...

Padre de Pamilya

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A father Joselito Mirasol (Ariel Rivera) whose only wish is for his children to grow up as good Catholic Christians. Unfortunately, his salary as a government officer is not enough to make ends meet. And because he is...

Nandito Ako… Nagmamahal Sa ‘Yo

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Tata (Aljur Abrenica) believes that Bohol is the ultimate paradise of hope for his slumdog life in Quiapo. So when his ailing mother suddenly wished for them to transfer to Bohol, Tatas life underwent a major turning ...

Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw

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Francine (Regine) is starting to feel the toll of stardom.Longing to live an ordinary life, her popularity and hectic schedule hinders her from enjoying the simple treats of life. Because he felt cheated of his prize ...

Hari ng Sablay

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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and this comedy riot is out of this world! Inspired by the #1 hit single by Sugarfree, “Hari Ng Sablay” is a romantic, rollicking tale of a pair of neighbors (Bearwin Meily &am...

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Namets! follows the ongoing flirtation between Jacko and Cassie, two Negrenses who grew up in Bacolod City, and whose lives revolve around food. Jacko loses his Italian restaurant, Puccini’s, to a giant cock fighting ...

Tukso Layuan Mo ako

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Satan commissions Demonyita to destroy the souls of four young men but San Pedro also sends an angel to twart the plan. Demonyita succeeds in creating havoc in the lives of the men but when one of them falls in lov...

Pepeng Agimat

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Pepeng Ronquillo is a brave and patriotic policeman in MetroManila but he’s also a firm believer in God. His faith in the power of goodness prompts him to seek out an amulet which he can use to combat evil in its many...

Chinatown 2: The Vigilantes (1994)

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TAGALOG ACTiON, DRAMA MOViE…. Starring Monsour Del Rosario, Dawn Zulueta, Baldo Marro, Efren Reyes Jr., Atoy Co, Toby Alejar, Lovely Rivero, Zandro Zamora, Ruel Vernal, Renato Del Prado, Don Umali, Ernie Forte, Vic Sa...

Try Hard Too: Born on the 3rd of July (1980)

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TAGALOG COMEDY, ACTiON MOViE… Starring Redford White, Joonee Gamboa, R.R. Herrera, Telly Babasa, Sanny Erang, Randy Villa, Big Boy Gomez, Ramon Ribay and Marixi Luna / Directed by Bobby Tropeo. Watch Pinoy Movies Now....


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In a world ravaged by war, mankind¡¦s fate rests on the reluctant shoulders of one man, Exodus (Ramon ¡§Bong¡¨ Revilla, Jr.), a grim, unsmiling mercenary with extraordinary fighting skills and a murky past. It is E...

Alas Dose

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When a druglord is apprehended by the police, the syndicate moves heaven and earth to get him out of jail. Especially since he has P10 million which he promised to divide among the members. They then kidnap the gr...

Shake Rattle & Roll 10

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Director Michael Tuviera and writer Ellen Estrada shall immerse us in a hot bloodbath with the first episode entitled – EMERGENCY. When an obscure hospital becomes the target of wrathful blood hungry creatures (Mylene...

Erap is My Guy

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Starring Joseph Estrada, Nora Aunor, Cachupoy, Vic Silayan, Romeo Rivera, Sofia Moran, Ruben Rustia, Subas Herrero, Ely Roque, Bomber Moran, Robert Miller, Piling Cudia, SOS Daredevils, Jun Mariano, Jesse Lee, Dolly F...

Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso

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In this Filipino comedy, Marco (Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.) is widowed after his wife, Sara (Precious Lara Quigaman), dies in a freak accident. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Marco’s evil neighbor Love (Ai-Ai de las Alas) ...

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